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Youth Hero Scholarship 

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Our foundation’s mission is to eliminate any impediment blocking those seeking assistance with their recovery journey, to create & support outreach programs that improve the well-being of those in our community, to host events that will help end the stigma, and celebrate that recovery is indeed possible.


Since losing our son, Brian Cody, we’ve learned that everyone knows someone and a key to success in our mission is to enlist the help of our community’s ‘Youth Heroes’.

So, in December 2019 we created the Youth Hero Scholarship Program and have since awarded over a dozen scholarships to high school seniors across Connecticut - starting in 2023 we're also awarding students in NY/MA/RI!

We are proud to announce that Registration is now open!

Youth Hero Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors, in good standing, that are wiling to help us spread the word, crush the stigma, and raise awareness about the very real dangers of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

To qualify for our scholarship students need to:

  • Submit an essay about how Substance Use Disorder has impacted them or someone they love and/or cover their ideas on how to bring hope to the community for those struggling.

  • Be willing to participate in at least one of our upcoming events.

  • The student must be in good standing at their school

This area of our website is password protected. 

If you are interested in applying for our Student Hero Scholarship, which is open to high school students in CT/NY/MA/RI, that have been impacted by substance use disorder or the opioid epidemic please contact your Guidance Department or email us for the password to our online application, our email is

​Although you don't have to have the highest GPA or be a student-athlete to apply, you must be willing to help with at least one of our community events and be in good standing with your school to be eligible for our Youth Hero scholarship. 

We look forward to seeing your application!

If you have received a password already, please click the continue button below. 

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