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Recovery Coach

Scholarship Application
This scholarship application is open to anyone interested in enrolling in the two courses required by the state of CT to gain the Recovery Coach Certification. 

The scholarship will cover the full cost of CCAR's Recovery Coaching Academy (40 hours) and the Ethical Conversations course (16 hours).

Courses will be hosted over zoom and scheduled based on winning applicant's 
availability and the CCAR training schedule.

Applicants will also need to complete 'in the field' training hours before b
eing eligible for state certification (not part of scholarship). 

Note: Selected candidates will be required to participate in at least one community event hosted by our Foundation
Select the option that best describes your sitiatuation
Years Sober
How have you been impacted
If selected, you will be asked to participate in outreach activities organized by Brian Cody's Brothers & Sisters Foundation, are you willing to join forces with us?

Thanks for submitting!

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