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The 2021 legislative sessions are upon us - we need your help in spreading the word and letting lawmakers know that you support efforts to combat substance use disorder and bring an end to the overdose epidemic.


The form below makes it a little easier for you to contact your State Representatives, by allowing you to quickly insert your information and share how this epidemic has impacted your life and affirm your support of our mission.

Everyone knows someone, which is why we have to #KeepGoing

Please share this page with as many people as you can.

To learn more about our active proposals click here

Your information will never be sold to any third party.



Dear Legislator, 

My name is


I am part of a growing coalition of your constituents who are pleading for your support in fighting an epidemic that is destroying the families and neighborhoods – voters – in your district.

…We need the strength of your voice and the resolution of your actions in the 2021 Session to battle and win against the opioid epidemic in Connecticut.

A friend whose family has been torn apart by opioids suggested I share a perspective with you so you may better weigh in on this epidemic. It’s just one situation of many happening in our community right now … and it’s mine:

There are so many other situations just like mine in your district. It’s why I, WE, need your leadership on this sweeping issue.

Your time is valuable and no doubt your plate is overflowing. If there’s one thing you do to prepare for and move on in the 2021 Session, I simply ask you to strongly consider taking the following action:


  • Review and support HB-5162, HB-5156, HB-5141 , HB-5135, HB-5123, HB-5063, HB-5078, HB-5723, SB-23, and SB-108, as well as a package of similar proposals that our coalition refers to as Brian Cody's Law.


  • Understand that Brian Cody's Law is sponsored by State Representative Bill Buckbee, from the sixty-seventh assembly district, who has submitted multiple Bill request proposals since January, 2020. It also has the support of several committee chairs, ranking members, and thousands of your constituents.


  • Consider that Brian Cody’s Law calls for enhanced support systems to help those struggling with opioid addiction, stricter penalties for suppliers of lethal overdoses, better oversight of tracking opioids and waste, and ending safe havens – such as ‘trap houses’ where numerous overdoses occur on a frequent basis.


  • Please also consider that Brian Cody's law also calls for removing any barrier preventing those seeking treatment while expanding the guidelines, requirements, and methods currently in place with insurance provider and treatment centers.


In this last decade, 500,000 Americans lost their lives to Substance Use Disorder (SUD). In  the last two consecutive years, right here in your state, overdose deaths have repeatedly hit historic levels.


In 2021 … in this upcoming Session… it’s your time to be counted and say NOW is the time for record-setting action that ends the opioid epidemic on the streets, neighborhoods, and in the family rooms of our great state.

Do we have your support?

Standing Unified in the battle against the opioid epidemic in Connecticut,

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