Youth Advisory Scholarship

How to Apply

If you attend New Milford High School or Henry Abbott Technical High School (Connecticut), you are eligible to apply for our Youth Advisory  Scholarship!


Follow the steps below to submit your application to us.  Your counselor will inform you when our scholarships determinations have been awarded. 

You will need several pieces of information (transcript, essay/video, letters of recommendation, etc.) and you will not be able to submit your application without this information, so be sure to register and look at our application to see what is required (fields in red). 

Step 1 - Create your profile on our site: 

Step 2 - Click Sign Up: 

Step 4 - Check your personal email: 

Step 6 - Click Edit Account Info: 

Step 3 - Sign Up: 

Step 5 - Confirm your email: 

Step 7 - Edit your account info on our site: 

Step 8 - Select Youth Advisory Scholarship :

Step 9 - Complete the application

Step 10 - Authorize, Sign, and Submit

Thank you for your interest in our Youth Advisory Scholarship, offered to students at New Milford High School  OR Henry Abbott Tech


If you have any questions or any trouble submitting your application please email us at

Brian Cody's Brothers & Sisters Foundation, LLC  ~ 37 Main Street, Box 28,  New Milford, CT 06776